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Into the reader who not too long ago e-mailed me via hubpages about a lately obtained horse picture, I don't give a valuation or appraisal services, and many of my finest suggestions regarding investigation is bundled in this post or in it's companion article 'Who's the Artist of the Picture?As Giovanni Guerzoni is actually a stated artist try to b… Read More

If it absolutely was worth advertising by means of auction previously, then You will find there's good opportunity Will probably be yet again.Labels from framers or galleries also are good clues as to age and provenance. If you find such a label, Check out on-line to find out If your framer or gallery nevertheless exists. They could possibly assist… Read More

A obstacle I've still to master is night time photography. I've obsessed around Carlos & Miguel Vargas’ Bridge in San Lazaro as a masterpiece of evening lights, magical composition and article production prowess.I might be able to purchase the portray but there must be an intensive restoration on it. Also the scale in the painting is Hugh in comp… Read More

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